20 Best Real Vintage T-Shirt Stores

November 23, 2008 by Jimmy J  · 19 Comments  

We love real vintage tees. So Forget Junk Food, Amplified, Hot Topic and all the rest of the mock-vintage t-shirt makers; this list exclusively showcases those who offer t-shirts that have been aged to perfection.

We’re all for damning the man, so in terms of vintage t-shirt shopping, eBay no longer reigns. As with most online shopping experience, there can be a few pitfalls when buying true vintage tees there. If you shop with the vendors below you’ve got nothing to worry about. Many of them have migrated to Defunkd where they offer their inventory at much lower priced. If you decide to shop on eBay we created a comprehensive four-part guide to help you along the way. When your torso needs a real vintage t-shirt, Defunkd has your back.

Band Boutiques

rock tee

If you’re into music-related shirts then tune in to these rock-solid vendors. Their operations are primarily made up of exclusive higher-priced items in fixed-price format.

Wyco_Vintage is jam-packed with eBay’s widest selection of vintage band tees (1500+) while boasting a top-notch feedback track record. With the holy grail of feedback ratings ol’ reliable Stormcrow-Vintage keeps a consistent stock of 500+ tees which will tickle the fancy of any hardcore music junkie. The 350+ tees at Todd’s Vinyl Delights are a delightful selection of vintage music promotional schwag. blackrebelvintage and supradosuprado are the rebels among this bunch – they don’t carry a lot of tees, instead they focus on a super-refined top shelf selection.

Vintage Veterans


eBay vintage ambassadors who work around the clock to satisfy the masses. They’ve got at least 10,000 transactions under their belts with 99% feedback to boot.

Vintage Retro Wear has been supplying vintage t-shirts on eBay since the early 00’s and they get bigger every time we check in, 1800+ last time we looked. Hattrick Vintage scores on all levels with a nice blend of poly-cotton genres, thrift tees and a decent rock tee collection. Shirts with Balls has been one of the biggest advocates for the sale of vintage tees on eBay and now they now claim to have a physical addiction to poly-cotton. Vintage tee celebrities Smith and Pooter Vintage are one of eBay’s vintage t-shirt vending pioneers with 200+ items consistently up for grabs since day one. Of all the veterans Badist has moved the most merch in the shortest period of time because they consistently post massive amounts of listings in auction format.

Impressive Inventory


Check out these guys if you’re a Windows window shopper or a browsing browser user. Whether it’s a bank breaking 1940s t-shirt relic or a mind blowing quantity of tees – all of these vendors offer something swell.

Arrrr mateys! With over 2000 vintage tees in stock thecaptainsvintage’s is as vast as the blue sea. koshercollectibles is an interesting place to stop, gawk and go broke should you ever decide to actually purchase one of their Smithsonian level relics. Whether you’re in to heavy metal or hip hop fasinfrank and invintagewetrustco take care of business. thriftstore-cowboy rides into town along side zimmermantwin to save you some money with their thrifty 90s selections. GhettoVintage, silverruins and spicoli4everhave an impressive cross-section of  music, sports and other pop-culture goodness. Last and definitely not least is VintagePimps who offer a splendid array of top shelf concert and popular culture tees.


Please post comments, suggestions, and links to other favorite stores.

  • John K.

    Excellent work!

  • phraisak saisuwan

    hattrick the best vintage t-shirts on ebay

  • Brenda

    I love the hattrick store as I have purchases several hard to find items for gift. They are a great e-bayer! I highly recommend.

  • jud

    Listen best customer serivce ive ever seen goes to stormcrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!By far the best.I sold to spcoil vintage then told me my stuff wasnt real??????A ozzy diary of a madman knits jersey/with randy rhodes on front and a copyright below it sold him 5 shirts in that lot for 150 every one of them is now 135.Left me negative says they were crap…..Shirts were all 20 years old is he looking for hot topic material?

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  • fleabay

    ebayers all sound the same. i have heard several of them speak. great commonalities. i recommend.

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  • S.O.D

    But you all have to know that this ebay sellers (2.Band Boutiques) have a to high price level. Most of them sell their shirts with a 30-40% higher price, than you pay for a normal auction.
    If you watch their stuff for a long time, you see that their prices doesn’t really work. They have Shirts for month in their ebay list, which no one like to buy.
    Also we (from Shirtchaser) know that some of them have 2 different ebay accounts. One account to buy “rare” Shirts for a low price lever. And re-sell them with their real account again for a high price lever. And we can’t support this price politics.
    Sorry to bring this negative statment here, but that is fact.

  • Alessandro

    I found a ultracool seller that sells quality vintage clothes on Ebay uk, he has a lot of STONE ISLAND I bought 3 jackets lately. It’s called angelsofvintage. The price are honest 30 quids for a jumper 60 for a jacket.

  • stefefrolbosy


  • Meathooks

    Love the site!
    Most comprehensive T-shirt Breakdown that I’ve seen (I’d love to see you put this info into coffee table book form :)

    Here’s a few a my fav sites if your interested…


    One more thing…

    Are there any Vintage T-shirt swaps around the country that you know of?

    Similar to a vinyl record swap ya know?

    Take it easy,


  • http://www.fotolog.com/ssincity mercedes

    I’m From Argentina, and here vintage no rowers here, I really love the T-shirts are here, there is some way to buy them here? through my Visa card?

  • Mike

    Cool list of vintage tee sellers.. here is one that I have been buying from lately, they always add new stuff every week and its seems like there web store is growing pretty quick.


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  • Clarence

    Check out the ebay store “eastbay treasure chest”

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UEBW2LSADFFY5B6SNZM4YGKKMU penn ave

    right now on ebay they are selling a vintage 1960’s Yardbirds shirt,its up to 350.00.Its a Fantasy brand shirt from the late 1980’s early 90’s.lol

  • anders breivik

    I want to make you all aware of where you should NOT buy your vintage t-shirts if you shop in Japan. So please look at his blog (URL below) and be extra cautious. He also sells on various Japanese auction websites but I’m guessing most of you wont be able to use them unless you can read Japanese.

    I want to make everyone aware of a trick played by our old friend Tomiaki Hotta. He’s the guy who buys vintage t-shirts off eBay, and then he refuses to pay for ‘tracked shipping’ so sellers are forced to either take a risk and ship without tracking, or they have to be out of pocket and pay for the tracked shipping service themselves. Or, they have to relist list the item again and most likely have to settle for a lower end-of-auction sale price. Anyway, for those of you who do not know, Hotta hopes you will ship to him without tracking, and then he will open a dispute against you, and you’ll be stuck in the SH*T coz Paypal and eBay will be on his side, he will be refunded AND he will get the item you have sent to him.

    Tomiaki Hotta used to use the eBay name coo123, but he is now using the ID: 2011lady1990 . My advise is to block him so you don’t have to deal with this nasty Japanese man.
    Earlier today I found Tomiaki Hotta’s blog which is popular in Japan. And I see there’s another little scam he’s up to.If you look at Hotta’s blog you will notice he steals photos off ebay and sticks them on his blog, and he writes SOLD next to the photo to give the Japanese customers the impression that HE had that item for sale and HE sold it for a high price. But it’s all lies. He’s trying to make himself look like an important vintage clothing dealer. But he’s full of S**T. 

  • blackcat1369

    i check out these sellers from time to time. ive noticed that a good number of their shirts have been listed literally, for YEARS!! their prices are ridiculous!! it would be nice if they ran real auctions and let the item determine its selling price rather than assuming anything they sell is worth over 100 bucks!

  • Andrea Ansidei

    maybe somebody can help me some time ago i bought in a shop.A bruce Springsteen retro looking t shirt with stars in a circle around his bust and a black backdrop,unfortunately I cant remember the name of the brand but they had Bowie and Zeppellin ones as well.perhaps an English brand,recently I came across a photo of the singer Shakira wearing just that T shirt,any help in sourcing the brand etc would be appreciated