Hippies Do Have Direction In Life

June 3, 2009 by Jimmy J  · 10 Comments  

Every so often we feature an interesting vintage clothing piece that’s currently on the eBay auction block. Please inform us if you create or discover an auction we might like.

vintage east west leather jacket

Item: Vintage 1970s East West Seven Arrows Leather Jacket

Brand: East West Musical Instruments, San Francisco, California

Sold By: Rickykz Vintage

What the Seller Says: This is an authentic vintage 70’s East West Musical Instruments Co. leather Jacket made in San Francisco, CA. It’s The Holy Grail of Hippie Leather Jackets.

What we Say: Rickykz radio keeps playing all your favorite hits. The last vintage East West leather jacket we featured in our auction round-up went for a cool $1000.

How much will this relic fetch? Let’s see who comes closest – without going over the actual retail price. Post your guesses below!

Final Price: $3250.00

  • Jimmy J


  • http://Noclue.com Random Guy

    1978.71 Bob.

  • kd


  • http://www.bulldogvintage.blogspot.com frank


  • Travis

    A pint of Grace Slick’s sweat.

  • John K.


  • mike

    who cares? its the lamest late 70s early 80s waste of leather ive ever seen someone try to pass off! good luck! lololol :p

  • mike

    dollars that is. sorry.

  • http://www.goodbyeheart.com goodbye heart

    that was my DREAM jacket. actually still is, but i wasn’t able to pony up the cash for it… a lot of fun watching the jacket get bid up though.

  • Nick