Going Once, Going Twice, Going Broke

April 24, 2012 by Jimmy J  · 3 Comments  

Every few weeks we scour through eBay’s vintage t-shirt sales and report which relics are fetching top dollar. More reasons to raid your grandpa’s closet.

Click the links below to view the full eBay listing or the seller’s current inventory.

  1. 80s vintage Bruce Weber t-shirt sold for $810.00 by silversityslayer
  2. 80s vintage Red Hot Chili Peppers t-shirt sold for $500.00 by BSKF-VINTAGE
  3. 60s vintage Fuel & Gas Championships t-shirt sold for $353.00 by JIMS TEXT
  4. 80s vintage Sonic Youth Ciccone t-shirt sold for $328.36 artpunkfool
  5. 50s vintage Makaha Surf Championships tee sold for $241.38 by afamilyaffair7
  6. 70s vintage Ramones Sire Promo t-shirt sold for $232.50 Rockaway_Records
  • View a previous edition where a Beer with Fear t-shirt fetched top dollar.

  • http://worn75.blogspot.com/ John King

    I’ll take the Fuel & Gas, Sonic Youth, Makaha Surfing and The Ramones.

    Great line-up!

  • http://twitter.com/teeshirtshack TShirt Shack

    Vintage Bruce Weber is cool. I agree: it’s a pretty cool line up!

  • Kevinnewman502

    I had that Makaha T on my “watch-list”…a real beauty!…you just can’t buy patina like that anymore…