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Every few weeks we scour through vintage t-shirt sales across the web and report which relics are fetching top dollar. More reasons to raid your grandpa’s closet.

Vintage Woody Allen T-Shirt

  1. 80s vintage Motorhead Ace of Spades t-shirt sold for $585.00 by NGTDA
  2. 70s vintage Munich Trials USA tee sold for $537.00 by faireclothe
  3. 70s vintage Woody Allen t-shirt sold for $500.00 by koshercollectibles
  4. 80s vintage AC/DC Who Made Who jersey sold for $449.00 Stormcrow
  5. 70s vintage Joy Division t-shirt sold for $400.00 NGTDA
  6. 80s vintage Depeche Mode Celebration t-shirt sold for $305.00 HeavySoul
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