Insane in the Samhain

January 30, 2014 by Jimmy J  · 1 Comment  

A monthly report on Defunkd’s notable vintage t-shirt sales.

Vintage Samhain Death Dealer T-Shirt

Pick a card, any card. You’re dead. Someone went all-in on this Samhain Death Dealer t-shirt, purchasing it for $449.

This reversible Beastie Boys Junior Varsity tee is better when worn inside out. It fetched $230 (a deals at $115 per shirt!)

Space travel side effects can include fever, headache, upset stomach and an Alien emerging from your torso. $200 in blood money for this one.

S stands for Siouxsie and the Banshees Town and Country Club. Membership fee? $175.

Live by the gun, fake your death by the gun? $150 bones for this Tupac portrait.

Mudhoney My Brother The Cow Tee. Milk money spent: $130.

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  • John King

    That Samhain tee is sweet!