These Shoes Were Made for Skatin’

May 25, 2009 by · Leave a Comment 

We just got tipped off about some auctions that will tantalize both vintage skateboard aficionados and vintage sneakerheads. Thomas (the guy who assisted us with our Top 30 Vintage Skateboard T-Shirts list) is hosting this sweet bunch of auctions. By the way – the third and final part to our skate tee list will be posted by week’s end!

Thomas has a handful of vintage skate shoes for sale including a rare deadstock pair of vintage Airwalk Prototype 540 shoes. There’s also a bunch of vintage skateboard t-shirts up for grabs like this insane vintage Zorlac t-shirt from 1981 and a super sought-after vintage Powell Peralta multi-print t-shirt.

Going Once, Going Twice, Going Broke

April 11, 2009 by · 2 Comments 

Every two weeks we scour through eBay’s past auctions and report which relics are fetching the big bucks. Even more reasons to raid your granny’s closet.

vintage nike sierra shoes

Click the links below to view the full eBay listing or the seller’s current inventory.

  1. vintage 30s chinstrap cotton shirt sold for $1925.00 by rman57
  2. vintage 70s deadstock Nike Sierra rainbow shoes sold for $538.00 by ksda78
  3. vintage 80s Zorlac Metallica skateboard t-shirt sold for $510.00 by rubysoho08
  4. vintage 40s Boy Scouts of America shirt sold for $293.88 by grand-slam-auctions
  5. vintage 30s football sports jersey sold for $280.00 by bindle*stiff
  6. vintage 80s Yngwie Malmsteen Rising Force t-shirt sold for $120.00 shirtswithballs