The Patroons tee, Durack tag

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The Patroons tee, Durack tag

Postby hokeypix on Sat Sep 22, 2018 4:45 pm

This has seen better days. I've worn it to death - it's SO confortable - and am ready to part with it. I figure The Patroons was some sort of team?

I'm in upstate NY - there was an Albany Patroons basketball team, but I'm not seeing this logo associated with them. It depicts a sword and a tricorn hat.

Anyone know this tag? DURACK Mfg. Co, 100% Cotton

Thanks for any info on any of the above. How about value? Not sure if it has TOO many holes (does it?) to appeal to someone. ( haven't Oxicleaned it to deal with the yellowing, but I plan to). Thoughts? Thanks.
patroons tee.jpg
patroons tee Durack tag.jpg
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