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Polo Ralph Lauren Unique Prints

Thu Aug 22, 2013 8:48 pm

Hello all!
Not necessarily a vintage question, maybe..
So I resell mostly clothing on eBay and I have sold quite a bit of the Ralph Lauren brand. Nothing big except for the occasional Purple Label. I came across a sportsman print Polo Ralph Lauren L/S shirt and picked it up randomly.
Once I posted the listing I immediately began getting eBay message with BIN offer. Since I've gotten these in the past I ignored them knowing I might get more. Well, I did. About 6x the amount I expected.
I was wondering if anyone had any insight on why this shirt went for so much? Unique print, dumb luck, etc. Thanks in advance!

Link to listing for reference: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi ... 1031665414

Re: Polo Ralph Lauren Unique Prints

Thu Aug 22, 2013 11:34 pm

Looks along the lines of P-Wing / Stadium shirts - photo images on a button down. If it's RL and it looks fancy, usually does well - vintage polo has a pretty strong following outside of the Polo Sporters.
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