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Hi Everybody!

Posted: Wed Sep 28, 2016 9:44 am
by Trevor503
I'm Trevor and I've been collecting T shirts for as long as I can remember. I've recently been selling vintage clothes, mostly as a means to fund my thrift store addiction, but have primarily been selling to friends, other collectors in town and local vintage shops here in Portland, OR (message me if you live in or near Portland and are looking to buy or trade anything). I'm interested in making a transition into selling online, but since branching out into resale, ive been getting some stuff that's kind of outside my wheel house and would love to be able to get a little help with pricing, as well as occasionally dating certain shirts. Also I see that there's an area to post my collection, would be interested to see if anything I've held onto for so long ended up being worth anything. Would eventually be interested in even selling some things through here or at least possibly fielding offers, but as of now I'm waiting on my paypal account to clear up as I switch accounts it connects to, blah blah blah, basically online payments, paying or receiving seem to be not available to me if I don't wish to further delay the roll out of the online branch of my business. Anyway, that's boring. Right now, I need help dating and pricing a Harley Davidson shirt I got yesterday, but I'm sure this is not the proper section for that, so look for me there if you have any specific knowledge in that area. I look forward to possibly chatting with some of you in the future and absorbing your collective knowledge.


PS if anybody cares, I'm 28, am a bit of a punk rocker type and my primary areas of T Shirt interest/knowledge are Rock/Metal/Punk Tees specifically Rob/white zombie, slayer, misfits/danzig and marilyn Manson, shirts sold at hot topic, Horror Movie/sci Fi movie tees, 90s nostalgia type stuff, 90's hip hop, looney tunes, NBA teams Portland Blazers, Seattle supersonics, Washington bullets and Chicago Bulls (particularly 90s era and anything Clyde Drexler, Jordan, Barkley, rodman, bogues or rasheed Wallace), wwf attitude era tees, skulls/skeleton/grim reaper tees, tees featuring things of local Portland significance and anything made by the brand the mountain. I also make stencil and bootleg one or two color tees but only sell them locally to friends to avoid legal trouble.

Re: Hi Everybody!

Posted: Wed Sep 28, 2016 7:36 pm
by jimmyj
....wait....shirts sold at Hot Topic?

Re: Hi Everybody!

Posted: Wed Sep 28, 2016 8:29 pm
by Trevor503
Yea, T shirts that have been sold at the store hot topic. This comes in handy in two ways, first, a lot of shirts being sold as vintage are really only ten or sometimes less years old, but have no date on them and were printed for hot topic as 90s nostalgia. Happens a lot with manson and zombie shirts and a ton since hip hop shirts are so popular and valuable now. Second, a lot of shirts sold at hot topic, especially metal bands are somewhat altered to remove certain offensive stuff like nudity, swear words, pentagrams or satanic symbols, obviously the original unaltered designs are rarer and worth more. They don't really have a catalogue of past shirts sold so without a searchable reference having knowledge of what's been sold there comes in handy sometimes.