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Super Bowl of Rock 1982

Posted: Tue May 27, 2014 8:18 pm
by smileygirl
Hi guys, I have a shirt that needs a new loving home but I need help to not over or under value it on ebay. It's from the 1982 Super Bowl of Rock featuring ozzy, larue, loverboy, and foreigner. It's in remarkably good shape after being stuffed under my boyfriends water heater where I found it (gasp! Score! At the same time). I've had it for at least 10 years since then. I haven't seen anything else with this many bands in my searching. Help please and thanks for any replies, advice! I will have to upload photos tomorrow from my desktop cos I can't get the pixel ratio right on my iPad.

Re: Super Bowl of Rock 1982

Posted: Wed May 28, 2014 11:24 pm
by jimmyj
Cool tee! I would start it at $50ish. If that's pink on the arms, might be a turnoff for some male bidders.

The line-up isn't super awesome to any one genre - like it isn't metal specific. And doesn't look like there's a huge following for Super Bowl of Rock tees - check eBay past listings - there's 70s ones selling for $19. Having said that - I wouldn't waste precious title space putting super bowl of rock - cram it with the band names.

A cool thing the t-shirt has going for it is that skull on the back - that was used in a lot of sought after Harley tees - so you could sneak the words "Harley" Skull in the title.