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Vintage Led Zeppelin 1980 Over Europe Tour t-shirt

Posted: Thu May 12, 2016 8:12 pm
by detlef666
hello everyone,

i`m corious about this led zeppelin tour seater WITH SLEEVES in better condition then the one thats sold for 1500,- usd..?????? is this treu..? ill upload pics later no camera this moment can anyone name me a +/-'s it Worth?

greetrzzzz rogier

this is the info , but mine is with sleeves

Additional Information:

VintagePimps is proud to display what we feel is one of the rarest Led Zeppelin concert t shirts ever listed on the internet. This 1980 Over Europe tour was recently acquired by a long time Zeppelin collector who obtained this 30 years ago from his European college roommate. It has traveled all of these years and here it is. If you are a Zeppelin fan, you need this tee hanging up on your wall!