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mrs_stout's shop policies

 We define "vintage" as +/-15 or more years old.  Usually, that means an item has been pre-owned/used, but not always.  Sometimes we come across "New Dead Stock" (NDS)  which are brand new items which never got sold or sat in box somewhere for the last 10 years.  We love vintage (both personally and professionally) for a couple of reasons: 1) it means perfectly good clothes are not ending up in a landfill somewhere; 2) the quality is often better than stuff made today; and 3) because vintage goods are scarcer to find in any real quantity -- especially in good  condition -- you won't look like a mall clone.

And our stuff is REAL vintage; not "vintage-look" or retro.  If ain't vintage, we don't call it vintage.

All of our items are thoroughly cleaned, and then inspected and graded.  

For the most part, we ship via USPS.  For heavy or bulky shipments, we will use ground shipping, but we will contact you to first to make the best and most convenient arrangements.
For you protection and ours, any item(s) over $150 require signature confirmation.