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Top 30 1980s Vintage Skateboard T-Shirts Part 3


Top 30 1980s Vintage Skateboard T-Shirts Part 3

top 30 vintage skate tees

If you missed part 2 be sure to check out the previous vintage skateboard t-shirts list. Without further ado we present part three in a three part series…

vintage skateboard t-shirts

1. Santa Cruz Screaming Hand
2. Powell Peralta Ripper
3. Zorlac Pirate
4. Santa Monica Airlines Natas 3
5. Santa Cruz Rob Roskopp face
6. Santa Cruz Steve Alba tiger
7. Thrasher Pushead
8. Powell Peralta Per Welinder
9. Powell Peralta Ray Bones Original Skull and Sword
10.Thrasher Skate Rock

If you’re looking to snap up one of these badboys, good luck, you’d have better chance pulling off an Ollie Airwalk.

…But you can always check our skateboard tee inventory.

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