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Re: 70's vintage Fantasy Ts tag? Black Sabbath

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Jimmy, The BOC is made in Pakistan, the Sabbath in El Salvador, yes the "kelly" is missing on the Sabbath. The prices I quoted are sold sales I use Worthpoint the highest sales amount was in 2010 the sold amounts did drop in recent years to the $200 range. The seller could not remember if the shirts were purchased inside or out of the venues. He did say he went to the shows in Cincinnati, I confirmed Sabbath played Riverfront Coliseum in November 78 the 2nd leg of the US tour and he also commented on the quality of LSD at the time which may explain some of the memory loss...ha ha. I have set the price point in the high middle of the current offerings and am taking offers so if it doesn't get interest I will start lowering. Thanks for all the help on this you have given me some great insight and advice.

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