Post a photo or link to an eBay listing and let the community weigh in on whether it's a true vintage tee.
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G n R t shirt 1989

Post by stage1dave »

Looking for some knowledge on this t...thought I was more than familiar with almost everything this band had printed or licensed, but have never seen this one before!

Good SS tags; printed in Canada, size M. My initial reaction was "store shirt"; ie, no "licensed to Brokum..." etc; & all of the 87-88 stuff I've seen from this band carries Spring Ford or HealthKnit tags. (well, until that last thread, anyway. Neat find)

Obviously, the '89 watermark would tie into the release of "Lies", but I didn't see them in concert that year so dunno if the band itself was selling the t? Don't remember it on a Zeller's or Woolco rack either, haha.

Any opinions and/or info would be appreciated. In the meantime, I just hung it between all my GnR was Here & Use your Illusion stuff :D
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Post by jimmyj »

Hey D - cool shirt. A lessor seen single themed tee. A little confused as to what you're asking - is it legit? yes. I think the shift to Brockum happened in 89 and beyond - this one could be the last to be copyright GNR without the Brockum mention

Everything in 88 and previous I looked up has nothing as the subscript or is copyright gnr. I've never known those tees to be exclusively with certain tags until the Brockum situation - I think they just chose what was cheap and available.

I've been digging around on this site:

Doesn't look like there was a Lies specific tour - it was released at the end of 88. You can see the set-lists from performances in 89 and 90 - they didn't perform "used to love her" once.

They performed it first in 91 for the Use tour. If you scroll through the set-list Toronto is one of the first places they perform that song. My bet is that they printed that shirt in Canada for the two Toronto shows.

But I could be completely wrong. Either way, shirt is legit, and of decent value!
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Re: G n R t shirt 1989

Post by stage1dave »

Good info...thanx for the link to the GnR tour site.

The only solid info I've read about the early (87-88) tour shirt stuff was actually in Slash's book; where he mentions a trip to NYC to meet with Spring Ford re; t shirt merchandising for the upcoming Cult tour.

I was actually looking for a bit of realistic provenance on the t, as to where it was sold; & you've done that.

Was fortunate enuff to see this band on 5 occasions thru it's various incarnations between 87-93 & still have all the t's I bought at the shows, tho' a few of 'em got worn out...& I think there's one I still can't wear in public...but as I mentioned had never seen this one before.

Btw, the next time I have a question (with or without pics) I will post it in the CORRECT part of the forum!

Thanx again :)

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