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Led zepplin t shirt how old and what do you think?

Post by Grailfinder2021 »

Led zepplin shirt back and front with a screen stars tag with made in Canada tag.

I'm looking to see what my shirt is worth.

Thank you.
T shirt back
T shirt front

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Re: Led zepplin t shirt how old and what do you think?

Post by jimmyj »

Cool one! Can I see a photo of the tag? Looks to be an 80s Screen Stars from what I can see.

(Or you can date it using this: https://www.defunkd.com/blog/2016/12/06 ... -timeline/)

I feel like Zeppelin tees are in a bit of a lull the past many years. Would put it in the $100 to $200 range, right now. But think they are super undervalued, so I'd hold on to it.
Jimmy J

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