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To auction or not to auction?

Posted: Sun Nov 01, 2009 2:40 am
by lord ched
I have a 1970's Teenage Head t-shirt- yep, the legendary Canadian punk institution- which I found in a thrift shop for three bucks. Not unlike one that just sold at Stormcrow for $250. Thing is, it apparently took a while to get rid of it- obscure bands being what they are- and I'd like to make some cash off of it quicker than that. I'm about to start an eBay store, and was thinking of using it as my flagship item... but then thought I should put it up to auction and get quicker if smaller cash. Started it at $75.00, and it surprised me by getting 7 watchers on such a huge opening bid... but then languished. If I start it at a teeny bid, it might go for nothing... but I'm trying to build a little nest egg for security now, and would rather have $100 to stop up financial gaps rather than wait and wait and wait. What's a modern girl to do? Especially when he's a boy?

Re: To auction or not to auction?

Posted: Sun Nov 01, 2009 5:41 pm
by hermosavtg
Looking at the last 90 days of listings it looks like Stormcrow had that shirt and similar shirts up for $199-250 and not a single sold, at least not on ebay. Are you sure that shirt sold for that price?

If you want to see how much attention it really draws, you can always post it for a low start bid and let it ride till the last 24 hours. At which point if hasn't been bid up nicely or accumulated a ton of watchers you can always end the auction.

Re: To auction or not to auction?

Posted: Mon Nov 02, 2009 10:50 am
by StivTaters
It sold. Someone wanted both of my teenage head shirts, so i pulled the listings and gave her a discount on the second one, sticking it to ebay (by avoiding the final value fees) and racking up punk points (by being a rebel...think james dean meets sid vicious) in one fell swoop.

But seriously, hermosa has a good idea! If you are going to go that route, i would suggest starting it at a will get more attention and cost less to list. But, a word of warning...just because there are a lot of watchers, doesn't always mean it will go for a lot. I have had numerous listings that have had over 20 watchers, which i thought would blow up in the last few seconds, but didn't, and ended up going at a disappointing final price. Something to keep in mind when it's coming down to the final 24 hours.

Re: To auction or not to auction?

Posted: Mon Nov 02, 2009 11:32 am
by jimmyj
Or save it for store inventory - higher fixed price and put a best offer button. It's Canadian might have to wait for the right person to come along.