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Listened. Sat. Smoked. Drank. Wandered. Wondered. Discovered

Posted: Tue Aug 27, 2013 3:52 am
by dickietweed
Yo yo

Bit of a hazy dazy title though fucked if I know what to write. It's a on a few threads 'n all, where should I put it. "Up yer arse". Yeah. Yeah. Yeahs.

I have discovered a market. I have bought a 30kg bale of unsorted vintage tshirts. These include music tees from the 60s through to the 90s from the Stones to White Zombie to Nirvana and Rancid. Also, college tees, branded, American football, basketball, and the beat goes on.

I have been into music since my angst ridden Red Stripe and Jack Daniels with charlie days. Delving through vinyl shops and then into racks of crap tshirts to see that hidden gem. I staggered through a market and became loose friends with a rag merchant who had a ton of tees. I bought some and would like to sell them to collectors and fans alike.

I have been using eBay though many of the true vintage tshirts are lost amidst the bollocks that are listed as vintage.

The delight at stumbling across defunkd.

Simple request, what would you like and how do I shift them?

Hip deep in tees,