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The Bad Twin's Bad A$$ Rock Tour T Shirts

Posted: Tue Jan 28, 2014 1:24 pm
by thebadtwin
I have consigned over 80 vintage tour t shirts and have listed almost all of them in my Etsy shop, Thebadtwin. ... _leftnav_1

All of these t shirts are unwashed, unworn and still have that new t shirt smell.

I've got two Rock and Roll High School, Blondie is a Group, Ac/dc, Aerosmith, The Cars, Joe Perry, David Johansen, The Good Rats, Iggy Pop, J Geils, The Dickies, Plasmatics, Rick Derringer, Tod Rundgren, Doc and Merle Watson, Johnny Winter, Peter Tosh, The Beatles and many more obscure groups that were part of the hay day of the 70's rock scene.

The Dr. J. Jones and the Interns tee is the cream of the crop. Aerosmith used this pseudonym when recording gigs at smaller venues to divert the crowds. Aerosmith performed less than 10 times under this false name. I'm honored to have it in my possession.