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Vintage Shirts of the Future

Posted: Sun Oct 21, 2012 11:29 pm
by FiftyFiftyMan
We all know what constitutes a vintage, collectable or desirable t-shirt today. Just wondering what anyone here thinks may be popular/vintage in the future (10, 15, 20+ years) that may not be so right now. It can be older or newer produced stuff.

Some type of shirts I'll pick up cheap at a thrift store without blinking an eye (if they're in decent shape) includes:

-Almost any 90's/early 00's alt/rock/pop shirts

-Rap/Hip-hop anything i.e. Snoop Dogg clothing line stuff, Diddy, Eminem etc (non-bootleg)

-Faux retro shirts from stores/brands that will no longer exist. This is a tough one. On their own, their mass produced Made in China fake retro stuff is usually the last thing you'd pick up. However if any of the brands like Old Navy, American Eagle etc goes under (was talk of O-N going belly up during recession), their values will really start to climb down the road. Not worth picking up until it's announced a brand is being killed off.

-Sports related: Shirts w/ player images or jersey t-shirts (more obscure the better for me), big name coaches (for example I have a Lou Holtz Football clinic shirt), old logos

-Tobacco related shirts, hats etc...pick them up if you can find them!!

There are others, but those are some that come to mind.