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What Do I Wear?

People ask a lot if the shoes I am buying are being worn…
with over 100 pairs of DS Nike vintage shoes (and coming from around 200 pairs) I think people will find it strange that with some exceptions, I don’t wear my shoes…
Probably some people will call it “lame”, “stupid”, or will tell me “shoes are meant to be worn”..well, my answer always is:

If you collect stamps, would you post an old, sometimes rare stamp on an envelope, and post it?

Obviously you won’t.. and with collecting vintage Nike, from an era (end eighties-early nineties) were the midsoles were made of a material that doesn’t get better in time….it’s just not an option. Two strong arguments for me for not wearing the majority of my shoes. (and believe me, if I could, I would do it…)

But enough about the shoes I don’t wear….

The last pair i bought, were these vintage Adidas Torsions ZX 9000. Sorry Nike, but Adidas did a crazy good job on these. Extremely comfortable shoe and the shoe feels really really good on the feet. If I compare that to some other retro Nike’s I picked up in the past, the Adidas torsions wins.

I don’t feel good about that, because I am a Nike- guy.. always was, and always will be (the older guys reading this, probably will remember how we refused to wear Reeboks, or Adidas..only Nike) and it hurts a little bit enjoying so much my pair of Adidas…

(Thanks to Rolo and Jack for the idea of the picture setup)

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