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Air Max ST – The Originals: Part 3

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Air Max ST – The Originals: Part 3

Here comes the final part on the Air Max ST and then we close this chapter. This post about the technical details about this shoe, and I (we) are always curious about how Nike handles these in their retros…If somebody of Nike is reading this blog, which I doubt, but anyway, I would just like to know if Nike retro shoes to the same standards as when they first released…

As you can see in the “dissection” of this shoe, these air max ST were one of the finest and most complex shoes at that moment….

As you can see they have the same sort of “footbridge” as the Air stab had back in the days, and even a bigger air unit then the Air max from 1990…

Also, when you have the air max St in your hands, it doesn’t weight a lot, you can hardly feel that you have a shoe in your hands….

Enjoy the pics of the originals from 1992…

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