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The Origins of Nike Cross Training Part 2

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The Origins of Nike Cross Training Part 2

Walter aka wallyhop continues explaning to us the facts about the cross training line from Nike. This part 2 out of 3 visit Wally’s sneakerplay page for more Air Trainer love.

2004 was a big year in cross training history. Little known, little publicized, and not cared about by many is an interesting project Nike put together. Nike came full circle with very little hoopla and I’m here today to inform you that many missed out on something special.

A Rebirth.

The following Nike website was created to inform consumers about the new Zoom Trainer 1 mid, a technological advanced air trainer 1 model.


The zoom trainer 1 mid blended the Zoom Haven cross trainer with the original air trainer high:

Inside the pamphlet that came with one of the ’04 retro models:

Along with the new zoom trainer 1 came a few other cross trainers to complete the “Restoration Pack.”

2004 Zoom Haven mean green c/w

2004 Air Trainer 1 low (OG c/w. retroed for the first time ever)

1987 original sample:

2004 zoom trainer 1 mid:
*Notice for the first time ever, Nike was able to complete what they had originally envisioned, a seperated toe piece

1986 sample:

Last but not least is the original cross trainer envisioned by Tinker, finally coming to light, 18 years later.

Air Trainer 1 LOW FT (first take):

To refresh, here is the original cross training sketch.

2004 Final Release:

This model released was literally unnoticed by the masses. What I consider to be the holy grail of cross trainer runners is this shoe right here. Almost two decades in the making, the dream has come to light

If that’s not enough, Nike White Label clothing produced a t-shirt and a tracksuit to go along with the unofficial “restoration pack”.

Front featuring the zoom trainer:

Back features the zoom haven and the trainer 1. the two shoes that combined to create the zoom:

White Label tracksuit. Solid grey color with white piping, and mean green zipper:

2004 was a very good year that went pretty much unnoticed by the masses involving historic models that transcended generations. Had these been a jordan, this “pack” would be defined as the holy grail. Both were designed by Tinker but for some reason these just never took off to the masses. It’s a saddening realization on the failures of the 2004 cross trainers.

Marketing wasn’t terrible as Nike did have their nikelab website going informing consumers, and a pamphlet included in the trainer 1 lows giving consumers knowledge about the rebirth. 2004 will forever be cemented as a big what if.. what if consumers jumped on board….

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