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Nike ATC Hybrid: Why Nike? Why!?

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Nike ATC Hybrid: Why Nike? Why!?

Am I getting to old?
Probably… because these Air Tech Challenge hybrids that Nike recently released are the opposite of what I expect from Nike…. that the Jordan brand is pretty good in creating frankenstein shoes, that we all knew….with the “sub zeros” and the “six rings” JB brand created monstrous shoes, that were in colorway and design a total mistake (but maybe not from a sales perspective)

But who came up the idea, of making an ATC hybrid, turning brilliant shoes in to a sort of 6 year old collage….i am not a designer of shoes, but i do have eyes, and i see that this hybrid shoe is totally out of balance: color wise and designwise, with total lack of respect for the original shoes….

Why not just make a solid and perfect retro of these? Nike can have my pair if they need an example….

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