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Nike Air Jordan VII- Bordeaux

Nike Tees and Sneakers

Nike Air Jordan VII- Bordeaux

As a teenager I had several Nike Air Shoes (one pair a year).. many times, I waited to get my pair when it was the time of the year that the stores were putting everything on sale… in that way i could with my limited budget, buy a pair from last year at 50% discount or even more….one of these pairs was the vintage Air Jordan VII- Bordeaux.. I remember wearing them almost until the year 2000 as my beaters.. i really on’t know what happened with them… did i throw them away, did my mom throw them away… no idea….

But, after so many years, again i have a pair of bordeaux’s.. one of the few Jordans i really like (besides the 3-4-5 and 6’s… and this is also one of the few jordans that (will) appear in my blog)

only problem is that my future kids will enjoy this pair more then i, because…

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