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eBay Vintage Nike Watching List

Nike Tees and Sneakers

eBay Vintage Nike Watching List

Back from holidays!

Let’s start with some Vintage Nike on eBay….

Almost $2000 usd for a pair of 1988 Air Xax 1. Of course, the last bidder was with 0 feedback. And finally, the transaction didn’t go through. But still, these are some fine shoes in a really good condition. I guess these are worth around 250-350 usd.

$265 usd for this air challenge court shirt is again, a lot of money. A year ago, 100 usd was the market price for these shirts. but lately, challenge court shirts and shorts are booming in price.

$599 usd is a fair price of a ds pair of the original air max 180. These are in perfect condition, hardly any yellowing, and still vibrant colors. Of course, these aren’t wearable, and will have to be stored in a good environment, because if these still arent cracked, they will do soon.

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