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Craze rare and expensive tees!

Post by Vandalay »

Has anyone seen the tee's being offered by Koshercollectibles on Ebay? They are ridiculous!

Are they all legit?

I wish I could afford a few!!!

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Re: Craze rare and expensive tees!

Post by jimmyj »

Here's the link to the store:

They always have a really rare selection. I've bought a few t-shirts from them, seems like an honest operation to me!

Although...not sure I fully believe that the t-shirts are coming from their personal collection bit...would surprise me if this person wasn't a dealer who is still actively buying for the purpose of selling.
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Re: Craze rare and expensive tees!

Post by Johnny65 »

I'd say Kosher Collectibles has some of the rarest tees I've seen.

1966 BEATLES tee for $20,000.00!! Whoa! That's a little out of my league.


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