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lord ched
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Polycotton Empire is live!!!!

Post by lord ched »

I just opened my own eBay t-shirt store, and christened it Polycotton Empire. Huzzah! The link is here: ... QQ_armrsZ1" onclick=";return false;

There would be more items, but my borrowed camera ran out of batteries (yep, I'm on a budget). Most of the big-ish stuff is up, but expect a Gruntruck longsleeve and a roster of cartoon/animated stuff in the days to come- as well as Mr. Turkey. If the experts could check it out and tell me if I've over/underpriced anything (if you have the time or the inclination), I'd be forever in your debt.


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Re: Polycotton Empire is live!!!!

Post by VP's »

Hey. Store looks good. Nice clean photos. The pricing looks good. I like the Best offer option. Always ups your chances of selling the item. Keep it up! List away!

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Re: Polycotton Empire is live!!!!

Post by hermosavtg »

Looks good. A lot of your higher priced t-shirts would never reach that on auction but they are fairly unique so I think you're doing it right. I've given up some rare stuff cheap just cause there weren't the right bidders on a certain week.

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Re: Polycotton Empire is live!!!!

Post by Johnny65 »

That '77 Andy Gibb is cool! Haven't seen that one before.

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