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1940s Hanes Irregular Tag

Post by jimmyj »

Had this auction for a Pearl Harbor t-shirt pointed out to me: ... 0627067691

I've never seen a Hanes label (pic below) marked with Irregular before. The sellers explanation:

The tag is marked "Irregular" because there is a small 1/4 inch stitching error on the back that is extremely hard to see.

Did Hanes really go through the trouble of branding mis-produced shirts? If so, that's pretty amazing and honest. Had I not seen that explanation I would have just thought it was a way to describe the cut of the t-shirt - something different from their regular cut, who knows what that might have been in the 40s.

Anyone know for sure?
1940s Hanes Irregular Tag
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Re: 1940s Hanes Irregular Tag

Post by hermosavtg »

here's how they did it in the late 80s-early 90's (fabric had a run throughout):


Shirt didn't sell for a whole lot. The print looks kind of nostalgic to me. Like it's more "post WWII."

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Re: 1940s Hanes Irregular Tag


The seconds that I buy usually have a stamp (as above) or cut label. I've yet to see any company brand irregulars.
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