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Brockum Worldwide Made in China

Post by jimmyj »

Wanted to start a thread about this because there's been discussion about Brockum China tags being counterfeit. This is one version of the tag I found among the stack of vintage tees I still have.

I'll post the other version when I find it.

My gut says these are legit, and that Brockum eventually farmed some of their tee production out to China. It doesn't make sense to me for a counterfeiter to go through all the trouble to nail a t-shirt's print and then blow their cover by putting China on the tag.

I do think though, that Brockum was reprinting and reissuing old designs, and many of them have a Brockum Made in China tag (though not this one, it's a Classic looking Brockum tag with China on it.)

But let me know what you think!
brockum made in china tag
brockum made in china tag
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Re: Brockum Worldwide Made in China

Post by zargosh »

That's a weird one, J. It definitely seems like a lot of trouble to triple tag it if it was fake...unless that little size tag and the content tag are the original and someone wanted just to slide a Brockum under that size tag. The only thing that gives me pause is that it doesn't have the usual nooks and crannies (for lack of a better term) that the Brockum letters have on the "classic" tag. Check out the top of the C and the K on this pic to see what I'm talking about and then look at yours. Maybe they just changed up the font later in the 90s?
Brockum Worldwide Made in China
Have you seen this tag? This looks fake to me, but maybe it's another style (European possibly?) I haven't come across before. It's up on a Slayer shirt on Grailed for $200
Brockum Worldwide Made in China

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