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Harley Davidson speed limit 70 brand

Post by HeritagePDX »

Can anyone tell me much about this brand? I just bought a lot of 11 vintage harley shirts ranging from what looks like 80-90s. None of them are the sought after 3d emblem but I think i got a good deal for them. Here's the link to the original listing: ... 7675.l2557

I am trying to determine what they might really be worth.

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Re: Harley Davidson speed limit 70 brand

Post by timetraveltees »

Speed Limit 70 is an okay brand but not really in demand, they made some decent prints, but there's nothing out of this world in that listing that I can see. But they're fine, you'll probably do okay at maybe $25-30 each reselling them on eBay. Maybe one or two a little bit more but nothing that stood out to me as high dollar necessarily. But you're probably best suited to auctioning them starting at $30 and letting the market decide, I've been surprised at what goes for big money sometimes. How much did you pay for all of them? If you got them cheap enough I'm sure you'll do okay with them. Don't think they'll necessarily fly off the shelves, anything Harley other than really strong 3D Emblem prints on 3D Emblem shirts (not Harley tag) is more of a long tail deal for us usually. I pick up Harley shirts almost regardless of print as long as they're pre-2000 and they generally all sell eventually even if it's a year later, but like I said unless they're super in demand you're gonna sit on them for a little bit,

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