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Re: Joe Camel Tee - Help with tag?!

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hermosavtg wrote:Jimmy do a completed items search for "vintage rayon t-shirt" the thai and malays go crazy for these.
Very true, I have a customer in Malaysia who messages me once a week asking if I have any cotton/poly/rayon shirts. Something I also started learning since I got on etsy.

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Re: Joe Camel Tee - Help with tag?!

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Absolutely. Malays and Thais are valued customers :) I guess rayon blend t-shirts are very popular out there since they are incredibly soft, flexible, and cool. :?:

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Re: Joe Camel Tee - Help with tag?!

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Good ol' Hermosa gets to the bottom of this mystery! ... /#comments

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May 16, 2011 12:30 pm

as i know..this joe camel shirt became popular because it was worn by one of The Strokes member..and lot of Malaysian teenagers like that band..that was before vintage shirt invade our when we are crazy about vtg..this shirt become more popular as it come with rayon blend which are more rare then any other blend..

that was my opinion..i’m not a joe camel fan..i’ll go after vtg punk tee..

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Re: Joe Camel Tee - Help with tag?!

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Fatandyz wrote:I found this Joe Camel shirt over the weekend. Has anyone seen this tag before?
The tag name is Silkworm. I had like 4 old Joe Camel shirts with this same label, and like an idiot included 2 of them in a cheap unsold lot years ago :( . I still have them boxed up somewhere. Need to look for them now.

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