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Have you seen this 90s tag ?

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a friend gave me an awesome t shirt from his dad, made for an art show. The date of the show is 1997. The tag is completely washed off but i remember it used to have a us flag taking the most part of the tag, maybe stylized, on it (and not sew, no relief, only a print to be fully washed off). The cut and the fabric is so perfect, i wish i could find others like this one. It was not a recurrent fruit of the loom/hanes etc brand, this is for sure.
Do anyone have an idea ? It really is the best loose shirt.

If i make a reconstitution, based from what you can see by some angles with the ink that remains, it looks like this:


There's also text on the tag but cant remember where precisely, probably not very excentric, but no other logo.

I'm sure it's the brand tag, and there's no other tag on the tee. It was an international art exhibition, the fabric is thin.

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Re: Have you seen this 90s tag ?

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Sorry for the late reply. Try using our brand search - go here:

then where it says Brand search, in that field type


There's a handful of ones with that name that feature the U.S. flag, might give you a lead!
Jimmy J

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