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Bad Buyer Alerts

Post by jimmyj »

New section? As sellers we've all felt the effects of eBay's no feedback for buyers policy. Well, here's a little section to tell your side of the story and give your fellow sellers the heads up. Someone leveraging feedback or gave you unfair feedback?

Here's my sob story and a sad one at that given it was one of my last transactions. I guess it's my own fault for having faith. :cry:

One of my past customers won this item from me around the holidays: ... 0408083800

Max contacted me with this message soon after:

crap crap crap~
so i spent my entire day asking friends and family to lend me a credit card so i can get this tee for my bf in time.... to no avail. i don't know if you'd be open to this since i guess it's a bit of a risk on your part but... i propose this: send me the tee and i'll pay for it PLUS an extra 5 bucks (for good faith) in the next 48 hours. It would really make my xmas/hannukah if you'd do that for me. I'll understand if you won't.... but as a repeat/reliable customer, I hope you'll have a little faith.
Happy Holidays!!!

Of course I said I would help out, even rushing out to send the package expedited - spending extra money to ensure it arrived on time, mentioning not to worry about the extra $5 just to cover the additional shipping.

thanks so much :)!!!!!!!!!1
and yeah, that's the address alright!
Hopefully here by xmas?

thanks again, you rock!

Low and behold no payment. I've emailed three times and opened a NPB alert to which was never replied. I know that if this person ever does surface they'll claim to have had a family emergency as so many buyers do and I'll end up feeling even worse.

id is: missgoodis

hold the phone...this came in today:

it ain't so! it ain't so!!
i wasn't kidding when i said i'd get it to you, but this whole borrowing a credit card from a friend thing is turning out to be bull.
i'm not that guy and there's no way in my good conscience or with my understanding of karma that i'm going to screw you over, here, friend.
i'm sorry to be m.i.a., i appreciate how crappy that looks on me.
i've contemplated getting my ass up to TO to hand-deliver this thing, i'm so embarrassed.
it'll be in by this weekend, i brownie swear. with interest!

max :(
Jimmy J

(Please note: Legit checks I do in this forum should not be considered 100% conclusive; I'm simply giving a gut reaction based on the limited information provided.)

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Re: Bad Buyer Alerts

Post by hermosavtg »

A $4.99 eBay charity case. You got soft Jimmy!

I had one delicate buyer who responded very angrily to a NPB claim. He ended up paying soon afterward but was disgruntled that I had the audacity to file the claim in the first place. Anyway, I ended up giving him free shipping on the item to try and pacify the situation, and eventually ended up doing a good amount more of very profitable business with him. Occasionally the customer is always right even when he is wrong.

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