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Best Days to List ???

Post by OhSoFresh »

I only list auction style listings for 7 days, I normally only list auction style listings Monday-Thursday and have never honestly tryed Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. I've been thinking of trying to have listings end daily but I thought I'd ask some of the ebay sellers here what they do when it comes to the best time and date to list. Any help will do and thanks in advance !

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Re: Best Days to List ???

Post by jimmyj »

In my Day.... :x

I would never have anything end on a Friday or Saturday....holidays and long weekends factored in as well. People are away from their computers.

Sundays are better, but I always thought people who use their computers from work might miss out.

I also always did 10 day listings, because those 4 extra days for 40 cents...chances are it's coming back to you. Plus I always used the auctions to help drive traffic at the store items, so the longer they were up, the better.

But that's the way it was and I liked it! :x
Jimmy J

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Re: Best Days to List ???

Post by Fatandyz »

I usually set up my auctions to end on Sunday night. Some of my relist of items I have ending on Mondays and Tuesdays. Not sure which one is better. My Sunday auctions haven't been getting the ending bids lately and I've noticed more sales on Monday lately. As Jimmy said, stay away from Friday, Saturday and Holiday weekend ends. If the items going to sell high, I think it will probably sell high no matter what day it ends. If bidders want it, they will come

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