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Changing BIN Price When You Receive Offers

Post by cokenner »

Hello all.

I recently found a pair of Converse from the 70s and decided to list them with a 299.99 BIN with offers. Not 2 minutes after listing them I get a $200 offer which I almost jumped all over. So I decided to wait it out and get another offer for $225.

So I got an idea to up the price to 499.99 and low an behold I got another offer for $450.

Seeing as these kicks seem to be very sought after I raised the price to 999.99 with offers and started to feel a little greedy.

What are yall's thoughts on dealing in this manner? From what I've researched it is not against the ToS and I am allowed to change the price pretty much whenever.

Thanks in advance!

Here's the listing for reference: ... 1558.l2649

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Re: Changing BIN Price When You Receive Offers

Post by jimmyj »

man. that first offer-er is kicking themselves. all the power to ya. if you are able to alter the price why not.
Jimmy J

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