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GENESIS '80 Tour Shirt -

Post by Wrm217 »

GENESIS '80 Tour Shirt -
Hey, everyone!

So I came across this awesome Genesis tee. Really fungrsphic '80 Tour shirt. I'm actually not sure if it's legitimately vintage, was hoping someone might be able to assist.

It has a blue Screen Stars tag but I've heard there reprints?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Re: GENESIS '80 Tour Shirt -

Post by Davison »

Why not post the photo of the shirt itself? I'm no expert but this seems legit.

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Re: GENESIS '80 Tour Shirt -

Post by Gnarcotic »

Like the other person said, post a pic of the shirt. Just a heads up Genesis isn't a band that brings too much money but I know you only asked if it's vintage or not.

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