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Ghost Images (Fake or Real)

Post by JoPaeRules »

Hi I recently purchased a C.O.C shirt not a bad price claiming to be vintage. tag had screens stars on which was nice but when i looked inside the shirt it had like a ghost image of the front side image. Like the ink ran/bleed through the shirt or didnt let it dry long enough. Does this sort of thing ever happen, has anyone ran across it or is it just an obvious repro/boot. Thanks for your help


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Re: Ghost Images (Fake or Real)

Post by jimmyj »

Not if it's a screen sits on top of the fabric, counterfeiters who use t-shirt printing machines which spray an ink - soaks through and you see the image almost as clearly on the other side.

who did you get the shirt from? seller ID? I think I know who it will be.

here's some details: ... ot-a-fake/
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Re: Ghost Images (Fake or Real)

Post by b_m_p »

Does the spray on ink feel like a screen printing? I have one too, also a screen stars, that has a ghost image like that. I would say I'm 99.99% sure it's screen printed. It's also just a dumb humor shirt, nothing anyone would want to bootleg. The image is no more visible on the inside than any other thin tee from the 80s. I assumed when I saw it it was just from being folded up against itself without being touched for so many years, or like the OP said, the ink just wasn't dried properly.

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