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Re: HELP Buyer refuses to pay customs fees now a Paypal dispute

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Inmind wrote:Thanks for the advise mrs_stout.

I’ll have to do that next time. I woke up this morning with no notifications from paypal but a positive feedback from the buyer apologizing for the transaction. I went to paypal and sure enough, the case was closed in his favor.

You win some, you lose some... At least I didn’t receive any negative feedback. Situations like this sure do leave you with a sour taste in the mouth though.
Yes, it does. :cry:

HOWEVER, that positive feedback could still be hiding a problem. Wait a couple of days to check your seller dashboard to see if your buyer left you a positive feedback, but hit your DSRs. If so, you'll need to call eBay since it's against policy for a buyer to leave positive feedback/low star ratings (low stars meaning 1 or 2 stars).

Ebay's been cleaning house on buyers with bad star ratings. Unfortunately, there have been many decent sellers caught in the mix.

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Re: HELP Buyer refuses to pay customs fees now a Paypal dispute

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Thanks for the heads up. It looks like he gave me 5 stars across the board. My DSR went up 1 number and the stars are still sitting at an almost solid 5.

Thanks again for all the advice, I really do appreciate it.

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