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International DSRs on eBay

Post by Corey »

Just wondering...has anyone checked out their International DSRs yet?
I always ship within 24 hours of payment (ANYWHERE). And surprise, my international pals gave me low ratings, 0's, for shipping time. I do not understand how they can be so obtuse -between US shipping, customs, and international delivery services, it should be obvious that a package will not arrive in a couple of days. Am I alone here?

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Re: International DSRs on eBay


Life isn't fair. Last month, I had a container ready for shipment but due to my customer's choice of shipping line, it took 2 weeks get an empty placed. Of course, the customer was angry at me. There doesn't need to be any logic, the customer is always entitled to feel however they like.
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Re: International DSRs on eBay

Post by hermosavtg »

For the most part i've stopped keeping track of DSR's all together.

eBay has made it a near impossible standard to keep up consistently for small to mid-size sellers: no more than .5% of ratings can 1 or 2 star, and they are left anonymously so a buyer can leave you glowing positive feedback yet still leave you all 1 star ratings.

The whole TRS and DSR system is just ebay's clever way of introducing a 20% seller fee hike.

One month I'm a top rated seller, the next month i'm not, two months later i'm a TRS again. all over one 1-star rating. It comes to the point that its not worth stressing over.

Bottom line is: as long as I can keep my customers happy and still make a decent profit I'll keep selling there in some capacity.

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Re: International DSRs on eBay

Post by StivTaters »

I like your perspective, hermosa. And as my coffee mug states "don't let the bastards wear ya down"!

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