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Losing my full time job. eBay/Esty/defunkd Advice

Post by Inmind »

Hey ya'll.

I've been hunting and collecting for a few years now and I've been slowly selling shirts at events and a couple consignment shops around my town. Now need to hit it hard as I'm losing my full time job in the coming weeks.

I've got somewhere between 1200 and 2000 shirts. I'm looking for suggestions on how to start successful stores on all the platforms. Most of my stuff are fairly run of the mill vintage tees. But, i have some sports items that should price out in the more than 20 less than 150 range and some a couple of shirts worth well over $150.

I'm not really sure where to start its daunting.

Any help would be awesome.


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Re: Losing my full time job. eBay/Esty/defunkd Advice

Post by jimmyj »

With that many maybe consider selling the run of the mills in lots via eBay auction. Do em in lots of 50-100 - figure out a way to sort each lot, by size, design, tag, etc. Or just do random lots. I would do the auction lots first so you'll start to see the piles vanishing.

Best advice is to just start. Start by neatly sorting them all into piles that make sense. Start photographing, listing some of the gems. Pick the easiest ones to list first, with the least amount of flaws, so you can get in the swing of things and get some listings up quickly.

Set a daily goal - post a certain amount a day.

Once you've widdled the piles down, get everything on all three sites. Just price the Defunkd tees lower, since there's no fees.

Good luck and just remember - we're all counting on you.
Jimmy J

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