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Maiden Help Part 2

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Hey jimmy and bubba
Thanks for advice listen i purchased another tour shirt for a seller called vintage goodies.Shirt was in prime condition nice black but not as thin and needed to be washed so thats whats happing now.What steps should i take to avoid what happened last time at least this shirt looks to be wore at least 3 times.Pretty sturdy and durable i think last time i should have been more cautious bout buying new old stock.FOR ANYONE OUT JUST BECAREFUL WHEN YOU BUY NEW OLD STOCK TAKE CARE OF IT.

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Re: Maiden Help Part 2


I've always gently hand washed tees but that doesn't always fare well for me. Jimmy gave the following advice in another thread:
I use an extremely gentle soap called, SOAK - all you do is use a tablespoon of it and some luke warm water. You're not even supposed to agitate the garment in it, just leave it for 15 mins and take it rinsing required either.

Then either flat or hang dry it.

[For storage] as long as you have no moth problem and it's not in direct sunlight or in desert like climates...a drawer is okay.
Have vintage Elvis tees? Let me know!

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