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PayPal Pay After Delivery?

Post by jimmyj »

A buyer just purchased some shorts from me on eBay and then requested PP Pay after Delivery. Had no idea what that was - but he was asking if I was ok with it. Do sellers have a choice here? I haven't seen any settings for this.

Anyone have any thoughts on this? Maybe PayPal will soon just implement a system where buyers don't have to pay, ever, and then have 180 days to demand large sums of money from you.

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Re: PayPal Pay After Delivery?

Post by cokenner »

Just reading that scenario makes me cringe. If they ask you I would deny it. They want you to pay for shipping to them so they can pretty much try it on for free and then send it back costing you $$$. Not saying people don't already do this, but this will certainly make it a lot easier.

If you want to buy something on eBay pay for it then... No other online retailer has pay on delivery that I know of.

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Re: PayPal Pay After Delivery?

Post by itsallgood »

I would never do that.

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