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Shill bidding on eBay / 1223coo

Post by jimmyj »

Here's a recent auction that WyCo pointed out. ... =1&_sop=16

According to the digging he did - there's a 1 feedback bidder who bid on every single item that has bids. He's going to continue to monitor to see that's bidder's activity. Definitely seems a little fishy?

Are you guys noticing any shill bidding instances going on? We've had a few reports that supradosuprado regularly has suspect bids/reposted items - but has since gone awol.

but the good news is that our friend 1223coo aka happypretty aka 2011lady19990 - from Japan seems to have fallen victim to his hit and run. Ahhhhh karma! :lol: ... llFeedback
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Re: Shill bidding on eBay / 1223coo

Post by oscar »

That 1 feedback bidder won a few. ... 0542077719 ... 0542078073 ... 0540954650's too much work for me to look at all of the auctions. They did all end on the same day, so it could be that a legit bidder wanted a bunch of his stuff. If you watch the seller's feedback left for others you can identify that one bidder, 8***f. He had a several 0 and 1 feedback bidders, and 8***f, the one that seems to be popping up most frequently (but not on all the items), did bid on one item from a different seller, and didn't bid on all of the dude's items: ... e_ViewLink
8***f also only had a window of about two dollars in a bunch of the auctions, so I don't know, it seems like a small payout to set-up the scam. Watch that sellers feedback for others, though and we'll see.

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