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Hello, and thank you all.

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Hello, First I would like to say thank you to the community here as a whole, you are all so awesome, so very helpful. I've been lurking the forum for a while now and i have learned many things.

I've collected Vintage clothes for about 7 years now without ever once even looking up anything up online, it's just what i did, i bought cool shirts and began to realize the difference between old shirts and repo, which i've always avoided. It wasn't until i stumbled into a brand new small vintage store in a small Virginia town on I95 on their opening weekend called Horseshoes and Hand grenades that i became hooked. I began buying everything vintage i could find in any size. I've aquired a few rare shirt, and plenty of common shirts. I've just posted my rarest shirt on e-bay and in the auction alert forum.

I'm really hoping to become an active part of this community considering 99% of my free time is dedicated to hunting for this stuff!!

take care


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