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Hello Everyone !

Post by UniqueShack »

Hi, my name is john.

I started an online t-shirt shop, and i was lookin' for forums to get a few answers, socialize, and promote my stuff to t-shirt lovers..

After browsing a bit, i can see this place is all about vintage..

Not exactly what i was looking for, but you guys are pretty hardcore, And when it comes to tees... that's a good thing!

Maybe you can give me a few pointers..

Anyway, I'm glad I found this place.


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Re: Hello Everyone !

Post by FiftyFiftyMan »

I do best with larger sizes (L, XL, XXL etc). Small & medium can be tougher to move unless they're vintage rock shirts. Examples of shirts I'll pick up: old Far Side promos, vintage wrestling, Harley Davidson or anything motorcycle related, guitar/drum brands, defunct sports logos, TV network logos, transportation (airlines, trains), & non-mass produced local biz shirts. Avoid NASCAR, country music and recent mass-produced stuff (often with Gildan tags). Exceptions incl. popular TV shows (Walking Dead, Breaking Bad) & popular athletes (LeBron). The more you sell, the easier it gets to figure out what NOT to sell.

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