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Howdy Y'all!

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Howdy everyone!

I'm new to deFunkd and very glad to be here! I've been collecting concert tee's since the mid 80's, when I went to my first show, through today. Thanks to OCD, I've always bought two of everything, one to wear and one for "safe keepin.'"
I love a wide spectrum of music, if I had to nail down one time period it would be the early 80's through around '92-93. Being an avid skateboarder, I picked up Thrasher Skateboard Magazine and it changed my life. The photos of the skating were fine and dandy, but it was the band tee shirts in the back mail order section that spiked my interest. It was the first time i'd heard of bands like The Cramps, Danzig, Dead Kennedy's, Morrissey (yes i'm piling him in there with them), Siouxsie and The Banshees and others. My lawn mowin' money went towards concert tickets and tour merchandise. Since then i've been fortunate to work with several of my favorite bands and hear alot of stories that are behind some of the designs. As far as selling vintage t shirts, i've only done that on eBay which seems to be hit or miss. Reading alot of the topics that have been posted in the forums section on here has been very helpful and there seem to be some pretty knowledgeable individuals in here and I hope to learn from you all and share whatever information I can.

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Re: Howdy Y'all!

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Welcome! Just checked yer show Cramps tee! Nice! Keep em.coming!
Jimmy J

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