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Re: Romulus Von Stezelberger South Paradiso Leather WARNING!

Post by wolters »

If your " honest" friend Romulous owns 450 jackets there is a chance of him still owning the jacket he never paid me for . Would it be a good idea to ask him to send it back to me, a
" honest" guy like him would never pull a trick on people like that, would he... Or should I say you. Don't try to hide behind this " vintagegal" name. I'm not stupid!!

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Re: Romulus Von Stezelberger South Paradiso Leather WARNING!

Post by jimmyj »

Vintagegal/Romulus. There's been an overwhelming amount of documentation that suggests the jacket was not paid for against zero documentation that it was. And zero effort to provide proof which is also very telling.

Sending in contacts or pretending to be different people who vouch for you / offer conspiracy theories doesn't add any weight to your defense. Vintagegal, if you're a real person - perhaps you've had a different experience with Romulus. For the record, one person has come to his defense, while behind the scenes several people have made private contact with similar stories as Wolters.

Why not just put this to rest? Pay the bill and lets all delete our comments in this thread and be done with it forever. Please! Let's have a happy ending to this.
Jimmy J

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