Post a photo or link to an eBay listing and let the community weigh in on whether it's a true vintage tee.
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Vintage Harley Davidson and 3D Emblem???

Post by Chadwick3030 »

I've got two 'vintage biker' tshirts, the 3D emblem shirt im a bit more suspicious of but I'd like a confirmation on both if possible. they are both sized medium but the 3D emblem is sized a bit larger than the harley. I know vintage shirts run smaller, but i'm wondering if it could just be the fact that they are separated by a decade or so. Any help or expertise on the matter would be greatly appreciated. Keep up the great work!

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Re: Vintage Harley Davidson and 3D Emblem???

Post by jimmyj »

I wouldn't stress about the difference in size - both look legit from here. I reached out to a 3D expert to confirm - American Biker is an offshoot of 3D emblem like Trucker's Only. You'll probably get some good $$ for that one. Having the 3d emblem tag in the neck helps with the value.

The other one isn't super exciting, although I haven't seen it a lot. So may bring in a few bucks.
Jimmy J

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