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Mystery XMAN 1991-1992 T-Shirt

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A while ago I bought this from a guy who worked security for lots of hard rock bands in the late 80's-mid 90's. I got a bunch of deadstock shirts. Every other T-Shirt I bought from him were well known bands (Iron Maiden, KISS, Guns n Roses etc.) and one other one had a picture of a made up band which was used to identify the crew on a Skid Row tour.
This one however has been a mystery. I don't think XMAN were a band.
I've worn it a bunch of times now since I couldn't work out what it was.

Any ideas what it is and what it may be worth?

Also, Archie says hi. He really wanted to be in the photo.
Mystery XMAN 1991-1992 T-Shirt
Mystery XMAN 1991-1992 T-Shirt

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